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About Me


My name is Kevin Harkess and I live in Basingstoke, Hampshire in England.

I work as an electronics engineer, and have a strong interest in physics and hold a BSc(Hons) physics degree. I worked as a local councillor for 8-years for Brighton Hill South.

I've always been interested in what the fundamentals of physics are, not just how they work. I'm a creative thinker who spends a lot of time thinking about things that others take for granted.

It was creative thinking that was responsible for my failure to complete my college work. I was so engrossed in developing an energy theory that I failed to allow time to study and pass my exams. I had to force myself to give up the theory and left college in a depressed state with no prospects of going on to university to study mathematical physics.

I vowed never to study physics again. But 15 years later, whilst in the town library, I saw the word "fractal" on a book's cover, and had an amazing thought about how force and matter interact. It didn't take more than a few second to make my mind up that I would be spending the next decade developing this idea.

Wisp unification theory did take 10 years to develop, but it worked out much better than I expected - it fully explains how gravity works, and how special relativity works and where it goes wrong.

I believe that there is always a simple answer to everything. If someone explains something to you in a way that seems clear, then there is a good chance that they know what they're talking about and it might be true. If on the other hand, their explanation leaves you more confused, or you feel that you're not clever enough to understand them. The chances are that they are not really sure themselves, but are giving an answer that someone gave them! Modern theoretical physics is a bit like that.

I had a passon for cycling, and cycled everywhere - to work and back - a 24 mile round trip. Unfortunately I came off my bike cycling to work in Aug 2016 - hitting a concrete block at speed - breaking 6 ribs, collar bone, and puncturing my lung. It was time to stop cycling - i'd broken too many bones and was making Dawn worry too much. So I brought a boat and sold my bike.

My boat is a 22ft Westerly Nomad built in 1967. I had my first sailing lesson the day I brought it.

My parents both caught covid in late Dec 2020 and we visited them and caught it. I was ill for 3 weeks - despite all my years of cycling. I am on immunosuppressant tablets for arthritis and classed as at risk. For 2 weeks I ached all over and had a chesty cough. Sadly my mum died from covid whilst I was ill.

My family is the most important thing in my life: my wife Dawn, my son Michael and daughter Bethany. And we have a Jack Russell called Sky.

I do believe that there exists a higher order of intelligence - God, and that life in the universe is rare and precious. And even though there is much suffering and pain in the world, God does take great interest in the activities of all forms of life.

My motto for life has always been: try not to worry and enjoy each day. But with Global Warming now a reality, we've left it too late, and the consequences of rapid temperature rise will threaten our existence. We are our own worst enemy!


My bike - very fast and light. 4 years old but kept in immaculate condition. Picture taken when it was sold.

Working on my boat at Langstone in 2017. Cleaning and painted the keels, and antifouled the bottom. I look a bit tired and worn out. With my dog Sky.

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